You will traverse 7 islands, cross bridges, and ride ferries to enjoy the roughly 70 kilometers of Japan’s premier cycling road. Temples and shrines nestled amongst the many islands that seemingly float along the Seto Inland Sea harken back to ancient Japan and offer one of Asia’s most breathtaking experiences.

So, you don’t have a bike? No problem! Shimanami-Kaido cycling road is also great for the casual cyclist! There are numerous convenient Bicycle Rental Stations as well as restaurants, cafes, traditional Japanese Inns, and youth hostels among other amenities along the route; anyone can have a great time here! Create a unique and memorable trip exploring this beautiful and undiscovered island chain by bike and ferry!

7 beautiful islands, 6 huge bridges, a lot of ships. All for your beautiful and unforgettable cycling experience in Japan

The 7 islands and 6 towering suspension bridges that tie them all together await your arrival. Reaching some 70 kilometers, the winding and well maintained path is dotted with Blue Line guideposts to make your trip, safe, easy, and free of confusion.

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Shimanami-Kaido: an Authentic Old Japan Experience.

Shimanami-Kaido is different than the commercialized tourist traps overrun by busloads of shopping bag wielding hoards. This is the Japan of yesteryear, an innocence of years past still lingers in this untouched chain of islands. There’s a vast number of temples and shrines and the homes here are built in the tradition of 9th century Japan. The vast and sprawling Seto Inland Sea area is also home to lemon and mandarin orange farms, which are a local specialty. In this tranquil place are a people reflective of the environment, stop and chat with them to learn about the area or get a restaurant recommendation.

Since long ago, this area has been famous for ship building, you might see a gigantic ship that will go abroad one day mid build. Another unique sightseeing opportunity here are the famous whirlpool tides that result from the topography of the ocean floor. In Japanese they’re called, “Uzushio” and this area is particularly famous for them. Enjoy the slow pace of life here while cycling in a place unlike any other big city in Japan.

Take advantage of the bicycle rental stations and ferries to put together an amazing trip!

Shimanami-Kaido cycling road is peppered with Bicycle Rental Stations that have an extremely convenient feature. You can rent a bicycle from any station and then return it to any one of the many other stations. Additionally, there are many ferries on which you can take your bike. So you can go as far as you like by bike and then go back by ferry. Or, take a ferry to wherever you like and then rent a bike and ride back. There are 8 round trip ferries per day from 6:30 to 18:00 and they stop at each island.

You can create an amazing trip while making use of bikes and ferries. If you should run into trouble with your bike, there is a “Cycle Rescue” service that you can call. Or, perhaps you can rely on the kindness of a local Japanese person.


How do I get to Shimanami Kaido?

Shimanami-Kaido is part of both Hiroshima & Ehime prefectures.

From Tokyo

By Shinkansen + Local Train = 4.5 hours
(a comfortable trip w/ optional reserved seating for Shinkansen)

By Plane to Hiroshima (1.5 hours) + 1.5 hours shuttle bus

From Osaka

By Shinkansen + Local Train = 2 hours
(a comfortable trip w/ optional reserved seating for Shinkansen)

From Hiroshima

30 min by Shinkansen, 1.5 hours by local trains, or 2 hours by car.

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