Before you arrive in Japan, it might be hard to imagine what kind of difficulties you might face.

Will I be able to communicate with people?

Will I like the food?

What will happen?

So, we have put together a FAQ & Practical Info page for you!

Language Problems.

Will people understand English or other languages?

If not, what should I do?

Speaking honestly, many people may not understand you if you speak in a language other than Japanese, but you may be surprised at their kindness and willingness to help in spite of a language barrier. Speaking from experience, through the use of gestures, words, and a smartphone you will definitely be OK! In spite of their reputation for being shy, many are interested in those that venture to Japan.

Can I ride even if I don’t bring my bike?

Not to worry, the bicycle rental stations have you covered! There are 13 different stations, so you can rent a bike, ride and then return it at one of the many other stations (fees may apply).

Can I use my credit card?

Keep some cash on hand.
Japan is a relatively cash based society, so it is recommended that you bring cash. Of course there are many stores where you can use a credit card, but it’s safer to have at least some yen. Also, it’s wise to exchange money when you arrive at the airport as it may be hard to find such places outside of major cities. There are also ATMs that will allow you to withdraw cash using your foreign card, 7-11 and the Post Office are well known for this. Also, Japan is extremely safe and walking around with large quantities of cash is fairly commonplace.

What if my bicycle breaks down? What should I do?

If you are on the cycling road and experience trouble with your bike, there is a “Cycle Rescue” service (fees apply). If bringing your own bike, make sure to carry a tube and tire as well.

Is Japan safe?

Japan is one of the safest countries in the world. Behind Singapore and Luxembourg it ranks 3rd safest. In the, “Get your lost wallet back” ranking, it’s likely number one.

“What are prices like? Is Japanese expensive?”

Roughly speaking  100 yen = 1 EURO or 1 USD

How much is a meal?

Many restaurants will have a “lunch set” and generally you can find good food in the 850 – 1400 range. At cafes, you should be OK with around 500 yen, so a little cheaper than in Europe or North America. Dinner all depends upon what you want and where you eat and can be reasonable, for very decent food or you can go all out!

Can I purchase a SIM card? Or rent a pocket wifi?

It’s definitely possible to get a SIM card or rent a pocket wifi. Be aware that SIM cards may take up to a few days to start working once activated. As such, you may want to opt for a pocket wifi, they are available for rent at the airport and quite convenient. Free public Wifi is available is some places, hotels, cafes, and fastfood establishments, but if you are depending on your phone, do not rely upon public wifi.